The George D. Battle Memorial Scholarship Supporting Research in Climatology or Coastal Geography (SB6024)

The George D. Battle Memorial Scholarship Supporting Research in Climatology or Coastal Geography honors George D. Battle’s lifelong commitment to the study of the natural environment of Texas. One scholarship is awarded each spring pending available funding and applied to the following fall.

Born in Runge, Texas, the son and grandson of pioneers, George D. Battle (January 17, 1918 – February 25, 1989) grew up and worked on family farms across central Texas. He had a “green thumb,” could ride and hunt, witch for water, and use what he had around him to build, make, or fix just about anything. George graduated from high school in Kyle and attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

He joined the Marines and was in Iceland when the United States entered World War II. He sailed the Atlantic, saw the tides in the Bay of Fundy, traveled by train from New York to San Diego and fought on just about every Pacific Island, including Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima; he came home a decorated hero. Johan Sinclair became his bride in 1947, and they had five children, all college graduates.

A simple walk in the country with George was an experience. He shared which plants were safe to eat, how to identify crops growing in the fields, where to look to spot wildlife, clouds, and the weather they would bring. He taught how to really look and see things most people overlooked. Family camping vacations across Texas and the United States were always sprinkled with the right amounts of geography, history, maps, swimming, fishing, campfires, and practical jokes. He taught both the young and the old valuable lessons of his life and made learning fun. From the beaches to the mountains and deserts, George D. Battle loved life, his family and Texas

Eligibility Criteria:

  • be a graduate student
  • be studying climatology or coastal geography
  • have a 3.0 or higher GPA

College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you studying climatology or coastal geography?