External Opportunities

External scholarship opportunities are available for students to view within our Financial Aid and Scholarships Bobcat Gold webpage at txstate.igrad.com/scholarships. These types of scholarships are offered by a variety of external companies, which are not affiliated with Texas State University. It is recommended that you review the application requirements and disclosures thoroughly before applying, as many opportunities have special requirements that may ask for you to register for a service or like and/or share their social media pages with your friends and acquaintances as a way to market their products and/or services. Many may request that you write an essay, video or blog in order to be considered for the opportunity and some may also result in a waiver of intellectual property rights and/or copyright.

Texas State University neither discourages nor supports the process of applying for the opportunities listed. Please note that you may apply at your own discretion.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies External Scholarship Opportunities are Posted within our Financial Aid and Scholarships Bobcat Gold Webpage
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