John Michael Kilby Memorial Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology (SK0015)

The JMK Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology was established in 2018 to honor Michael Kilby’s legacy as a physician-scientist by supporting student research. Dr. Kilby was an accomplished Medical Doctor and researcher. His research advanced our understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS while his care and personal attention improved the lives of patients as they faced this disease. He was a university-based scholar and teacher, and his interests ranged widely beyond medicine into the arts, sciences, and humanities. Michael was a published poet, a musician, and was enthusiastic about lifelong learning. This endowment benefiting student research in Archaeology, Biological Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology at Texas State honors his memory and accomplishments.

The Fellowship will provide one Doctoral award and two MA awards in support of student research, including (but not limited to) analysis, equipment, materials, and travel. Graduate students in archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology are eligible to apply.

Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a single PDF with the following:
    • A one-page summary of your research and its significance
    • A one-page detailed budget and budget justification
  2. Please request a recommendation from your Faculty Advisor.