SERTOMA Scholarship (SS6276)

The SERTOMA scholarship is a competitive scholarship. The decision about to whom the scholarship is awarded is based on the student’s record of service to the community and their unconditional admission to Graduate College. Students will write an essay about their service to the community, highlighting their specific accomplishments. Members of the CDIS Scholarship Committee review the applicants and decide to whom the scholarship will be awarded.

College of Health Professions, Communication Disorders
Supplemental Questions
  1. Undergraduate Degree(s) Communication Disorders - Name of University:
  2. Undergraduate Degree(s) Date:
  3. Anticipated Graduate Degree Date:
  4. Please provide details of your community service/volunteer work.
  5. Why are you pursuing a career as a speech-language pathologist?
  6. Beyond financial assistance, explain why you are best qualified to receive the SERTOMA scholarship.
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