R. H. Bing Award (SB5408)

R.H. Bing (1914–1986) was a renowned and highly-esteemed mathematician. A pioneer in the field of topology, which he described as “geometry with a modern slant,” Bing greatly contributed to the field of mathematics with numerous theorems and publications. Later in his career, he served as president of the Mathematical Association of America and as president of the American Mathematical Society. He completed his undergraduate education at Texas State University (then Southwest Texas State Teachers College) and had to work his way through his bachelor’s degree in the college’s cafeteria. In 1984, the university endowed funds for the R. H. Bing Achievement Scholarship to support undergraduate students studying mathematics, with a preference for those who have an interest in or have successfully completed topology.

College of Science and Engineering, Mathematics
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you taken topology Math 4330? (Please list school and course number if not taken at TXST)
  2. What semester and year do you anticipate graduating from Texas State University?
  3. Are you or have you conducted any research projects or are you involved in any mathematical or scientific extracurricular activities? Please describe the project/activities and list any faculty members you have worked with.