Flintco Foundation Endowed Scholarship (SF5070)

This Flintco Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis or when funds are available.
Eligibility -

  • Must be a Construction Science and Management (CSM) major
  • Must have completed 75 degree counting credit hours (minimum: 12 hours completed in CSM)
  • Minimum GP A: 3 .25 – nonworking student; 3 .0 – working student
  • Student that is humble and demonstrates discipline, integrity, and honesty

College of Science and Engineering, Engineering Technology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Statement of professional career goals in the construction industry.
  2. List memberships and/or services performed as a Construction Student Association (CSA) member, if any.
  3. Write a brief statement explaining how the money will assist you in completing your degree.
  4. Are you employed? Employment includes, but is not limited to Work Study.
  5. If you are currently employed, please indicate the company name and average working hours per week.