Mark Lampert Scholarship in Sound Recording Technology (SS0058)

The Sound Recording Technology scholarship is available to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology. Recipients are selected by the Sound Recording Technology faculty in consultation with the Scholarship & Recruitment Committee.

The Bachelor of Science degree in SRT also requires an audition. Please see the audition requirements listed under your specific instrument or voice:

Becoming a Music major

This degree has higher academic standards for admission than other music degrees. We generally require at least a 3.5 GPA in high school academic courses and an SAT math score of 600. It is also important that students have:
- extensive coursework in STEM courses
- experience with music theory and ear training
- high level proficiency on an acoustic instrument
- some experience with sound reinforcement and/or multi-track recording

Fine Arts & Communication, School of Music
Supplemental Questions
  1. Write a short essay (approximately 150 words) describing your reasons for choosing to pursue studies in Sound Recording Technology.
  2. Write a short essay (300 words maximum) that discusses the engineering/production techniques utilized in the recording of [“1993” - Anika Moa]. Include how these techniques effected your emotional response to the piece, and what you think led to that response.
  3. Please submit a link to a remix, arrangement, interpretation, or cover version of ONE of the following pieces (vocals optional) that you have created.

    Minimal length: at least one verse and one chorus (for example, you may omit the intro):

    - Chaka Khan – “Like Sugar”
    - Michael Jackson – “Thriller”
    - Black Pumas – “Colors”
    - Beatles – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” ( 00:12 - 00:56 )
  4. Pick TWO additional items from the following list and provide links to other projects you have created:

    - A recording of an original composition (two to five minutes long) for any combination of electronic and/or acoustic instruments and digital sounds. If the composition has a notated score, please include it.
    - A stereo mix of a high-quality recording that you have engineered. The recording should be produced primarily from microphone signals. This item will be evaluated based on the recording, mixing, and production quality.
    - An original video (up to five minutes in length) – such as a music video, live concert, animation, short film, original design for a game level.
    - Original sound design, composition, or recording for visual media.
    • Link to first project submission:
    • Link to second project submission: