Barbara Ann Shimkus Endowed Scholarship in Communication Design (SS6281)

Qualified majors include Juniors and Seniors pursuing a major in the school of Art and Design with a major in Communication Design.

  • Must have completed 60 credit hours by the end of Fall (30 from Texas State).
  • Must be a declared Communication Design major with demonstrated achievement in his/her field.
  • Recipient must have a 3.0 GPA in Communication Design Classes.
  • Recipient must enroll as a full-time student at Texas State as an Communication Design Major during the upcoming fall
    Materials to Submit:
  • Typed resume including short bio.
  • Texas State transcript.
  • 1 Evaluation from faculty—preferably Art & Design Faculty.
  • Documentation of creative/scholarly work (written work accepted).

Art & Design, Fine Arts & Communication
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your major GPA?
  2. How many credit hours have you completed at Texas State?
  3. Please upload your degree audit. You can access your Degree Audit through Catsweb. To save your audit to your computer, choose “Save as PDF.”
  4. Please upload a current transcript. You can download your transcript using the Texas State Self-Service Login.
  5. Please upload a current resume.
  6. What’s your main focus within your major/specialization and why?
  7. Tell us about one accomplishment that you feel particularly proud of and why.
  8. What volunteer, service, or club activities have you participated in the past 4 years? Why was the experience meaningful to you?
  9. While enrolled at TxState, I have received or are currently receiving financial aid:
  10. Request one letter of recommendation – preferably Art & Design Faculty.
  11. Please check off all materials included in your application portfolio.
  12. As part of your scholarship application, please submit up to 10 examples of your creative/scholarly work (written work accepted). Use the options below to upload or provide links to your work.
    • Section A: Image upload (size limit 10MB)
    • Section B: File upload (size limit 10MB)
    • Section C: Link to outside storage website

    Section A: Image upload
    • Image upload:
    • Size:
    • Title:
  13. Section B: File upload
    • File upload:
    • Size:
    • Title:
  14. Section C: Link to outside storage website (e.g., Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube). Please include the title of your work along with the link.
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