OC Haley Endowed Scholarship for Strutters (SH6406)

The OC Haley Endowed Scholarship for Strutters is open all undergraduate classifications. Students selected to receive the scholarship are encouraged to re-apply for 3 additional years for financial assistance to complete their education.


  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and must be maintained in following years for reapplying for the scholarship.
  • Must be enrolled in Strutters while receiving the scholarship. If this criteria is not met student is subject to repay scholarship funds received while not participating in the Strutters program.
  • Must view the late Strutters Manager Youtube video: In Loving Memory of O.C. Haley

Supplemental Questions
  1. How many years have you been in Strutters?
  2. Relationship to Strutter:
    • Do you have a relative or parent that was a Strutter?
    • If "Yes", please provide name and relationship. If none, please respond with "N/A".
  3. Did you participate as a Junior Strutter?
  4. Why do you need this scholarship and what does the Strutters organization mean to you? Essay should be between 400 - 600 words.
  5. High school and college achievements, awards, clubs, and activities.
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