Cicero A. Rust III Endowed Scholarship (SR0011)

The Department of World Languages & Literatures offers an annual scholarship, the Cicero A. Rust III Endowed Scholarship, to the most qualified continuing student(s) majoring in French, German, or Spanish. Recipients of the scholarship may apply in subsequent years.

Students graduating from Texas State during the upcoming summer term are NOT eligible to apply.
This scholarship is available to full-time, continuing undergraduate students majoring in French, German, or Spanish with a minimum of 30 hours earned at Texas State, including the semester of application. Applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in at least one upper-division course in the major language. Student must also demonstrate financial need.

College of Liberal Arts, World Languages & Literature
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please write an essay describing the role your language major(s) has/have played or will play in your academic career and future endeavors (300-500 words).
  2. Please submit a résumé highlighting department, university, community, and professional activities, as well as honors/awards related to the language major
  3. Please upload a current transcript. You can download your transcript using the Texas State Self-Service Login.
  4. Please request two letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with your academic work.
    • First Recommender:
    • Second Recommender:
  5. When do you expect to graduate from Texas State? (Month/Year)
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