Lila Lee Cleckler Bales Memorial Endowed Scholarship (SB0032)

The Lila Lee Clecker Bales Memorial Endowed Scholarship was created by her family to honor her contributions as an educator who was an alumna of Southwest Texas State University. The scholarship is designed to support both undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to the teaching profession.

Undergraduate students who are eligible for this scholarship must be non-traditional undergraduate students who are pursuing teacher certification and plan to work in the PK-12 classroom with children. An undergraduate who is considered non-traditional meets one of the following criteria: did not enroll in college/university directly after high school; attends Texas State University part-time; works full-time; is considered financially independent for financial aid purposes; has dependents other than a spouse, is a single parent; or does not have a high school diploma.

Eligible graduate students must already have or be pursuing a teacher certification. In addition, they must be committed to remaining in the PK-12 classroom to work directly with children. Preference will be given to graduate students who are currently classroom teachers.

College of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently a PK-12 classroom teacher? (Undergraduates Check Not Applicable)
  2. Did you already receive your teacher certification? (Undergraduates Check Not Applicable)
  3. Are you currently working, or do you intend to work as a PK-12 educator, with direct contact with students in the classroom?
  4. Undergraduates Only: In 200 words or less, explain how you meet one or more of the following seven characteristics of a non-traditional undergraduate student:
    1) delayed enrollment in college/university;
    2) a part-time Texas State University student;
    3) a full-time employee;
    4) considered financially independent for financial aid purposes;
    5) has dependents other than spouse;
    6) a single parent;
    7) or no high school diploma.