Joe and Jerry Moore Scholarship (SM6193)

Honors Joe G. Moore Jr. for his outstanding contributions to water resource policy development in Texas and the nation, as well as his lifelong commitment to professional excellence, and Jerry Moore for her unwavering support of Joe Moore’s vision for the wise use of our water resources.

One scholarship is awarded each spring pending available funding and applied to the following fall. Joe G. Moore, Jr., had a history of service in water resources spanning nearly 40 years. While he was an administrative assistant to Governor John Connally in 1965, he was named executive director of the Texas Water Development Board and became chair of the Texas Water Quality Board, playing a major role in writing the 1968 state water plan. In 1968, he was appointed Commissioner of the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, and later served as program director of the National Commission on Water Quality.

In 1976, he returned to Texas to chair the graduate program in Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he remained until 1989. In 1995, a federal judge appointed Joe Moore to serve as the monitor in Sierra Club et al. v. Babbitt, the Edwards Aquifer case. This case led to the enactment of Senate Bill 1477, creating the Edwards Aquifer Authority by the Texas Legislature.

From 1996 to 2001, Joe Moore served as a Distinguished Professor in the Texas State (SWT) Department of Geography, where he taught courses on water resources and environmental policy. Joe Moore passed-away on March 11, 2005 at the age of 80. Jerry C. Moore was Joe’s lifelong companion and helpmate since they were married in 1948. She served as Director of the Career Planning and Placement Center at the University of Texas at Dallas for nineteen years. Mrs. Moore passed-away May 3, 2017.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • be an undergraduate or graduate student
  • have earned a grade of “A” in either GEO 3434, 5334, or 7334
  • have a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • provide evidence of service to the department, the community, and the State of Texas
  • demonstrate financial need

College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please discuss any service to the department, the community, and the State of Texas
  2. Submit a copy of your most recent college transcript (unofficial is acceptable).