Dr. James R. Crawford Scholarship in Physics (SC5572)

This scholarship is in memory of former department chair James Crawford.

Criteria and Eligibility:

  • Continuing undergraduate student (having completed at least one semester at TX State)
  • Physics major
  • Selection based on academic achievement, involvement in the department, need, and future academic and career goals.


  • One Crawford Scholarship is awarded each year with a maximum value of $1000 per scholarship (the exact value of each scholarship depends on the funds available from the scholarship endowment). Students who receive this scholarship may apply to renew the scholarship as long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements above.

Physics, University Advancement
Supplemental Questions
  1. Is this a new application or an application for renewal?
  2. Please describe what might distinguish you from other qualified candidates (i.e., level of need, involvement in the department, etc)
  3. Do you plan to be enrolled full-time in the next fall semester? Full-time for undergraduates is 12 or more hours. Full-time for graduate students is 9 or more hours.