Texas State University LGBTQIA Endowed Scholarship (SL0011)

Alliance at Texas State University and the Texas State University LGBTQIA Alumni Chapter have established a scholarship for students attending Texas State University! Distributions from the endowment shall be used to award scholarships to students attending Texas State who meet the criteria listed below.

Selection of the recipient(s) shall be the responsibility of the Scholarship Selection Committee as designated by the Alliance at Texas State University with the approval of the Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Equity and Access. Recipients may re-apply if they continue to meet the scholarship criteria,but must wait a minimum of one year for the student to be considered as a subsequent awardee.

Application Process


  • Proof of enrollment and GPA. *An unofficial transcript will suffice.
  • Two (2) reference letters.
  • A copy of their most current resume.
  • Completed application form.
  • Answers to questions 11-15. Answers are to not exceed 150 words per question.

ALLIANCE at Texas State
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list community and/or student organizations in which you are now active or have previously been active. Please note leadership roles and dates.
    • 1. Organization Name:
    • 2. Date membership/participation began:
    • 3. Date membership/participation ended:
    • 4. Did you have a leadership role?
    • 5. Please provide a brief description of your duties in this organization.
  2. How has your involvement on/off campus shaped your experience as a student at Texas State?
  3. As a student, what challenges have you experienced as a member of the LGBTQIA community?
  4. What are you career aspirations, and how have you prepared for them while being a student at Texas State?
  5. Please upload your current resume/CV.
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