The Grady Early Research Endowment in Forensic Anthropology (SE6446)

The Grady Early Research Fellowship in Forensic Anthropology provides one-year fellowships for doctoral students to conduct forensic anthropology research utilizing Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State (FACTS) laboratories and facilities. Fellowship amounts vary but are based on the following criteria:

  1. The potential of the project to advance skeletal research and make a significant contribution to knowledge;
  2. The quality of the proposal with regard to its methodology, scope, theoretical framework, grounding in the relevant scholarly literature, and how FACTS resources will be utilized;
  3. The feasibility of the project and the likelihood that the applicant will execute the work within the proposed time frame;
  4. The broader impact of the proposed research in terms of the potential to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes

Contact Dr. Danny Wescott, director of the Forensic Anthropology Center, for more information:

Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts, Graduate, University Advancement
Supplemental Questions
  1. Who is your Major Advisor?
  2. Please provide the names of your thesis/dissertation committee.
  3. What is the title of your Thesis/Dissertation?
  4. Please provide a brief statement of how your research relates to forensic anthropology and utilizes FACTS resources.
  5. Please submit a single PDF with the following:
    1. Approved Thesis/Dissertation Proposal.
    2. Timeline Must include expected completion thesis/dissertation writing and defense/filing .
    3. Plan for Research Dissemination.
    4. Itemized Budget (Budget template available from Dr. Daniel Wescott).
      The fellowship is intended to pay for direct costs related to conducting your MA or PhD research only. Eligible budget items include consumables, equipment, use fees, and other related materials. Note – All non-expendable items (game cameras, data loggers, calipers, etc.) purchased with the funds from the Grady Early Endowment are the property of FACTS and must be returned upon completion of the project.
    5. Budget Justification (Budget template available from Dr. Daniel Wescott).
      Please provide written justification for the funds requested. The narrative should provide a breakdown of costs associated with each budget item and if needed an explanation for the choice of equipment
  6. Please request a nomination letter from your faculty advisor (your advisor will be asked to confirm that they have reviewed and agreed to your proposed budget).
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