W. K. Davis Endowment (SD6060)

Purpose: to recognize outstanding achievement in terrestrial field studies by undergraduate students majoring in a biological science.

Honoree: W. K. Davis started teaching in the Biology Department in 1948 and retired in 1979. During this time, Professor Davis had a profound positive influence on many generations of then Southwest Texas State biology students.
His experience as a field naturalist and knowledge of wood lore, as well as his willingness to enthusiastically share this treasure with students during the many field expeditions he planner, have made him a legend in his own time.
The student members of the Biology Club during the mid 1970s elected to initiate this endowed scholarship in recognition of the priceless contributions of W. K. Davis.


  • full time enrollment
  • undergraduate student
  • major in the Department of Biology
  • 3.00 or higher Texas State GPA

Biology, College of Science and Engineering, University Advancement
Supplemental Questions
  1. Attach a one-page summary of your proposed or on-going undergraduate research project. The project summary should explain the purpose and methodology behind your research, should clearly indicate how much money you are requesting in support of the project, and should provide justification for all proposed expenditures. Use PDF format.
  2. Request a letter of support from the faculty member supervising your research (should specifically reference your research, rather than a general scholarship recommendation letter)