Cathey E. and James E. Moore Endowed Scholarship (SM0022)

The Cathey E. and James E. Moore Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a McCoy College undergraduate student based upon the following criteria:

  • Purpose is to generate scholarships for recipents from:
    – Webb County
    – Graduate of Harlendale High School
    – Graduate of New Braunfels High School
  • Students majoring in Business or Education
  • Recipients should have strong study and work habits
  • Recipients should be making satisfactory progress towards a degree
  • First-time students shave have:
    – Graduated in the top-half of their high school class
    – Recommended by their High School Counselor as a student who has good study habits and strong worth ethics

If you have any questions about this scholarship, please contact the McCoy College of Business at 512-245-2311.

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