Art Department Quasi-Endowment Scholarship (SA6021)

Qualified majors include Juniors and Seniors pursuing a major in the school of Art and Design.

  • Must have completed 60 credit hours by the end of Fall (30 from Texas State).
  • Must be a declared Art, Art History, Art Education or Design Major with demonstrated achievement in his/her field.
  • Recipient must enroll for at least 9 hours as student at Texas State as an Art, Art History, Art Education or Design Major during the upcoming fall and spring semesters.
    Materials to Submit:
  • Typed resume including short bio.
  • Texas State transcript.
  • 1 Evaluation from faculty—preferably Art & Design Faculty.
  • Documentation of creative/scholarly work (written work accepted).

Art & Design, Fine Arts & Communication, University Advancement
Supplemental Questions
  1. How many credit hours have you completed at Texas State?
  2. Please upload a current transcript. You can download your transcript using the Texas State Self-Service Login.
  3. Please upload a current resume.
  4. What’s your main focus within your major/specialization and why?
  5. Tell us about one accomplishment that you feel particularly proud of and why.
  6. What volunteer, service, or club activities have you participated in the past 4 years? Why was the experience meaningful to you?
  7. While enrolled at TxState, I have received or are currently receiving financial aid:
  8. Request one letter of recommendation – preferably Art & Design Faculty.
  9. Please check off all materials included in your application portfolio.
  10. As part of your scholarship application, please submit up to 10 examples of your creative/scholarly work (written work accepted). Use the options below to upload or provide links to your work.
    • Section A: Image upload (size limit 10MB)
    • Section B: File upload (size limit 10MB)
    • Section C: Link to outside storage website

    Section A: Image upload
    • Image upload:
    • Size:
    • Title:
  11. Section B: File upload
    • File upload:
    • Size:
    • Title:
  12. Section C: Link to outside storage website (e.g., Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube). Please include the title of your work along with the link.
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