Outstanding Graduate Student Award (Masters-level) – College of Science and Engineering (SS5704)

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award is presented annually to a College of Science and Engineering masters-level graduate student who possesses outstanding characteristics in scholarship, research, teaching, and service. Recognition is awarded in the form of a $750 credit to the student’s account.
General Information:

  • Applicant should exhibit leadership and participation in departmental, college, and university activities
  • Applicant must maintain a Texas State GPA of 3.25 or greater based on at least 18 hours of graduate work earned at Texas State

Your application will be submitted to your major department. Each department will select one masters-level student to send to the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Committee.

College-Level, College of Science and Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe thesis, grants, presentations, articles, and laboratory or professional activities.
  2. Describe teaching activities, lab instruction, group instruction, and evidence of excellence in these areas.
  3. Please describe your leadership and participation in department, college, and university activities.
  4. I have completed at least 18 hours of masters-level coursework at Texas State University.